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Earlier in the thread someone suggested the architect route. TOGAF seems to be the must have certification for this week (sigh). But if you can learn a bit of nay of the main methods (e.g. Zachman) and show how your previous projects aligned to it then that may well be enough. The big consultancies will put you through a case study / role play scenario as part of recruitment so impressing on the day counts for a lot.

There's also good money to be made as a technical PM: the key problem there is that you are not really in charge of the solution - but making sure that it goes in as designed. And you will be measured solely on delivering on time etc. But having the nous to spot when it's going to go pear shaped and know what to do to fix it early is very valuable.

The main thing to note, IMHO: the very nature of your question suggests that you are not yet 'branding' yourself as architect or PM or whatever role you think you can do and which pays better. So you need to review your previous 2 - 5 years' work and see how you can portray it in the terms of the role you are going for: identify (i.e. be clear in your own mind) what was consultancy to CxO level; what was project management; what was mentoring staff; what was managing teams; what was managing third-party suppliers etc. Then when you prepare a CV, or answer interview questions, you can quickly highlight the right bit of your experience - and if you don't have it exactly you can say so quickly and honestly, but perhaps point to a project where you worked closely with the person who did do that role, so you've seen it done etc.

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