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Levente Szileszky

Sounds like an IT Project Manager or Operations Manager... me, perhaps a better-paid Systems Administrator - seriously, just go for IT Project Manager or Operations Manager.

However regardless of what some people say here do NOT try to sell yourself as an Architect in any of the segments unless you DO have a *real* in-depth knowledge of the solutions out there - eg ask yourself: tomorrow, based on customer requests, can you scope out, design, propose with deadlines then successfully build & deploy clustered setup within your proposed time frame, including storage & servers & networking with all the latest ins and outs, write and implement policies etc as well? If your answer is no/not really then you better stay out of architecture design until you gain enough experience so you can build a strong reputation later - because though it's true that there are plenty of snake oil architects out there but credibility is everything, you can only blow it once with every client and bad rep travels faster than wind...

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