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All this gnashing of teeth about the state of the UK Jobs market is only half the truth.

As a 60+yr old Generalist and proud of it, all I can say is that there are jobs out there.

In my experience the biggest problem is the Recruitment agencies. If you find an agent who has their head switched on then you arr halfway to getting a much improved position. The agent who found me my current position is the same as for the previous job.

Despite what the nay-sayers might have you believe there are roles for us generalists. Let me try to explain.

IT systems are getting ever more complex. Not only Databases and networking but lots of other 'stuff' besides. Some of this other stuff has been mentioned.

Understanding how the business works.

Telling the so-called architects that they are talking out of their backsides because their 'cute' design just ain't possible.

Making sure that all the bits of a project actually work when put together.

The latter part is very important IMHO. As the IT Skills coming online are more and more compartmentalised the chances of the old 'square peg and round hole' symptom happening becomes more and more likely. Companies will soon see the value of someone who can spot these problems before they happen.

Oh, and in may areas of IT 'Agile' is better named 'Fragile' because it does not work very well.

In the right setting then it is great but it is not the panacea it ia made out to be.

A 'fragile' team I was working with quoted me two sprints for a bit of code. that is 4 weeks. I asked how long would it take to actually do the coding. 2 days was the reply. The rest of the time was integrating it into their continuious build and test environment.

I shook my head and wrote it myself with a far better test coverage and fully documented in less than 4 days. Documentation was another sprint's worth of effort.

Go for it. There are really rewarding roles out there. You could have mine in a few years as I'll be retiring... :)

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