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Charles Manning

Nitty gritty problem solver?

C'mon, if you're a good problem solver you can also solve this career issue.

First off, reflect on why sales people earn stupid money compared to their skills: they realise that they are selling themselves to the company. You must do that too.

People don't buy skills, they buy VALUE. They want to see that if they hire you they will make more money. For that you need to be able to demonstrate achievements in a way that can be linked to money.

"I designed X which allowed the company to use Y instead of Z. That saved the company $2million last year."

If you say "I know a bit of C#", they throw you in the bucket with all the other people that know a bit of C# (whatever the hell that is).

If you de-congested a project, then equate that to money. "I brought the project to market 3 months earlier. That earned the company $5M extra revenue."

You need to learn to use numbers and words like revenue, saving, bottom line and less of the "I know a bit of C#".

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