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As an IT generalist with a 43 year track record of solving "impossible" system problems life was usually interesting. However company structures now favour certification. It is not until there is a nasty system interaction problem that the specialists are found to be too narrow to diagnose it. The inclination of management afterwards is to offer the IT Generalist a promotion into a management or a consultant role - both usually the graveyard of technical expertise.

Every time I had to fill in the "ambition" part of the annual staff review I would put "to stay at least as good as I am now with whatever changes come in the IT world".

Don't expect big bucks though. That world disappeared about the same time that certification became the be all and end all of trumpeting how good the staff are.

You do get to be involved in cutting edge things going wrong - without having to have slogged over the hurdles of a proscribed imprint^H^H^H training programme that closes the mind ...and that's fun.

PS It also damages your long-term health and social life pulling chestnuts out of the fire when all the specialists and managers are tucked up cosy in their beds. ...but who wants a long boring life?

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