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Find a good local consultancy to join

I am sort of similar to you.

I earn £100K a year which is decent money I think.

I can pretty much do anything out there - from any technology, to team leading, project management, etc.

It's been built up from 20 years experience, and a gift for picking up new technology and skills very quickly and within a month or so being in a position of 'expert' in any environment you put me in.

For a consultancy this makes you very valuable. They know that whatever requirements come there way in the 1000s of different technologies I'll be able to do it.

I have enough history is all sort of technology too, that usually the client has enough confidence after an interview that I will be the man for the job.

So when a blue chip client comes to my consultancy looking for 'skills in XYZ' and the fact they can't find them anywhere. they can put me in front of them - I have skills in ABC, and CDE… in the same area as XYZ, and I can show from the sheer number of engagements enough information for them to have confidence in me picking up XYZ quicker than anyone they are likely to find.

Any single company is not going to give you these opportunities, but on the other side, you need to be flexible working for a consutlancy- I pretty much live out of hotels working on clients sites.

For example, I am currently working on a niche SOA technology. I knew nothing about this product when I joined the client at the start of last year. However the client could see my general SOA skills, and skills with other SOA technologies. They were persuaded to take me on for 3 months.

I'm still there 14 months later, and now assure the technical quality of the SOA deliverables.

Your strengths sound similar:

- an ability to solve problems agnostic to technology/prodcts

- a proven ability to be able to pick up (to expert level) any technology quicker than the majority of people.

Find a local consultancy, and they will value these skills very highly.

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