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I have 2 XP machines and 1 WIn7 an everything is working just fine so why would I want to upgrade to Win8 ? From everything I've read I should avoid this version of Win and hope for something better. I've avoided buying a new laptop for this very reason. So the laptop manufacturers and Microsoft have both lost a sale and that's the best way to wake up Microsoft - vote with your pocketbook. Rule #1 in software: The software must be easy for the user to interface with. Windows 8 fails miserably in this respect to the point where many IT people avoid it if possible. Balmer failed in his mission to carry on after Gates. Smart phone and computer technologies can and do have convergent needs but they also have very different uses as well. MS obviously ignore the latter in favour of the smart phone fever. We now hope that Microsoft will wake up and give the world what it wants - an operating system that is 1. easy to interface with 2. stable 3. efficient 4. compatible with existing technologies - a simple formula to print money.

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