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The B&N Nook SimpleTouch firesale rip-off

Phil W

As I mentioned before I agree that the battery life should be in line with what is advertised.

My point was not that B&N were faultless, or that the Nook (or your Nooks in particular) have no problem, clearly the battery is not performing as expected.

My point was that you made out that a shorter than advertised battery life was the end of the world, and should result in legal action against B&N, which is a rather over zealous response. Any hostility you sense in my writing is simply a response to said over zealousness.

You seem to have countered my point of the battery life not being a problem with a ridiculous analogy.

Battery life of any mobile device, no matter the brand or OS involved, really only needs to be such that it lasts long enough to support use between opportunities to charge it. So whether a phone had 15 hours or half an hour of battery life I wouldn't buy it. (Galaxy Note 2 owner, my battery lasts 2 days even with moderate use and WiFi always on).

I'm not sure what kind of holidays you go on, I suppose if you go camping in the middle of nowhere for a week then you may have a problem, but short of that I can't foresee many situations where you wont be near an electricity socket for more than 4 days and also want an e-reader.

If you do find yourself away from power for such lengths of time, Nook battery life aside, I would suggest investing in a solar powered charger for your gadgetry.

A further suggestion I'd make would be to turn it off completely rather than leaving it in standby (which is what you described you were doing). That is likely to make a significant difference.

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