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The B&N Nook SimpleTouch firesale rip-off

Like a lot of fellow commentards, I was inspired by the recent firesale on Nook Simple Touches [hereinafter referred to as Nooks], as reported by this very organ:

<a href="">Barnes & Noble bungs Raspberry Pi-priced Nook on shelves</a>

Thinking that "for £29 a pop, you can't go wrong", I bought two of these gadgets and have had a month now to evaluate them. My conclusion is that, even for £29 a pop, you most certainly CAN go wrong:

* On arrival, both Nooks revealed themselves to have been built in 2011, so had been sitting on a shelf in a warehouse somewhere for two or more years.

* Far from B&Ns claim that the batteries will last for two months with half an hour's reading per day and a similar amount of WiFi use, I have found that on both my Nooks, the battery will run completely flat in about 3 or 4 days –even with WiFi turned off and the Nook being completely unused. That's worse battery life than my bloody iPhone! [Incidentally, both Nooks had vastly different serial numbers, so this is not a case of one bad batch here].

* B&N have completely ignored two polite emails I've sent them, enquiring about having the batteries or the Nooks replaced. Their customer service seems non-existent.

Has anyone else who thought they were snapping up a £29 bargain been similarly disappointed with what they received –or am I just exceptionally unlucky?

If my experience is the norm, rather than an exception, I think there should be a pretty good case for bringing a class action against B&N for this "rip-off". It seems to me they've cleared out a load of old Nooks with age-degraded batteries at a bargain basement price, without informing customers that the Nook they would receive is effectively no longer fit for purpose.

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