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I didn't really like that one. Although I'm a big fan of Niven, and Niven + Pournelle. I did really like Dream Park though, which is Barnes too isn't it?

Co-incidentally I'm re-reading The Burning Road, having just finished The Burning Tower. Which is just Niven and Pournelle. Very much enjoying it. Although it's not one of their best.

I should have written on this topic before. I moved before Christmas, and I've got all my boxes of books out of storage (after ten years). I built up a new collection in that time (oops), although I wasn't reading as much as before, until recently. But now it's like having bought several hundred new books, because I've got all this stuff that I can re-read. In the case of the Burning Road I couldn't remember reading it before, until I was about 100 pages in.

I don't consider a book any good until I've read it through a second time. If it won't bear a re-reading then I think it's lacking something important, even if I enjoyed it the first time.

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