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Weird interview questions


At one interview, I was grilled by 10 interviewers each firing really, really tough technical questions at me. I was doing OK-ish, then we got to one that left me totally flumoxed. I said I had no idea and asked what the answer was. They said they didn't know: all the questions were about problems they'd failed to solve. Guess the one that beat me was crucial coz I didn't get the job.

Re a question about my attitude to diversity in an interview for a govt job: I answered with a list of previous girl friends. Got that job.

Heard about the following:

Q: what would you pitch to your previous employer to increase our sales to them by 15%

A: (long meandering reply)

Q: if you were the buyer at your previous employer, would you be convinced by that?

A: No

At least they were honest.

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