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LTFS and ugly ducklings


Tape is not disk or Flash and tractor is not a car but each one can be used in optimum way.

The tape is still the lowest $/GB, the lowest energy/GB, supports input/output etc.


Self-describing tape format to address data archive requirements

Tape is logically divided “lengthwise” into two partitions

Index partition: File system info, index, metadata (37.5 GB)

Content partition: Contains the files / content bodies (1425 GB)

Implementation of specific software that uses this data format to provide a file system interface to data stored on magnetic tape

Tape format developed by IBM (adapted by LTO consortium)

Defines the organization of data and meta-data on tape - files stored in hierarchical directory structure.

This format makes it possible to implement software that presents a standard file-system view (letter) of the data stored in the tape media

Direct access (drag and drop files) to file content data and file meta-data.

Interchangeability of tapes between systems

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