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"I'm a design student and for my dissertation I would really appreciate replies to the 3 easy questions below:"

OK, I'll bite.

"Do you you think hsee 3d printing communities as a threat to your jobs as professionals ?"

No. No more than Xerox copies of "Lions' Commentary" threatened me as a BSD professional.

"Have you sought to market your services directly to home consumers, and if so was it successful ?"

Market to home consumers? Nope. Bringing friends & family up to speed? Yes. Successfully ... Most of my F&F run a variation of Slackware that I originally built for my mother ... I make a living selling my services to Fortune 500s, designing network services, though, does that count?

"Doome consumers are becoming more aware of design principles through 3d printing ?"

Design principles are wetware, not hardware. It's a mantra. Learn it, live it, love it. A 3D printer isn't going to help a designer any more than a drafting table helps an architect in the design process. In actual fact, probably a good deal less ... 3D printers are used (mostly, in this context) to sell consumers a bill of goods, they are a marketing tool, they build commercials, not product.

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