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Perhaps we have an advantage for not many apps being available here... Now WP8 can multi-task, there's less temptation to grind it to a halt doing so, as there's less shiny to run on it.

I was really impressed with the Lumia 710. It was cheap 'n' cheerful, but really nice to use. Unlike the HTC Wildfire it replaced, which was at a similar price new, when I upgraded, but still running the now 2-year-old Android 2.2! Sometimes OK, but often slow as a dog. A fat, farting, arthritic dog...

If only apps would be more disciplined about keeping their state when shut down, there'd barely be any need for multi-tasking on a phone. Despite many rude comments, I'm not sure WP7 was any worse than iOS at handling it. And whereas Android was superior to both and multi-tasks, it does mean that even on mediocre hardware Android can be very annoying. I'd like to play with WP8 and see how it's improved, but I've just got a new work iPhone 5.

I don't know what all the fanboyism is about. For different reasons I've liked using Android, iOS and Win Phone. They're all very good in their different ways.

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