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Looking for some Windows Phone advice =)

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Looking for some Windows Phone advice =)

Good morning El Reg,

I could use a little guidance with regards to getting a new phone tomorrow. I've settled on Windows Phone 8 as my OS of choice (I politely ask that we refrain from discussing Android / iOS / Tizen / BB10) but I'm uncertain as to which type of Windows Phone I should go for.

My two front runners are the Lumia 820 and 920. I like the cheaper price, Micro SD and changeable covers on the 820 but the tank like quality of the 920, combined with the high quality camera is also a big draw. For those that have used either of them, I'd love to hear your experiences of them. The poor battery life on the 820 is a concern, the hefty price tag of the 920 is another.

The other alternative is the HTC Windows Phone but I confess I don't know much about them. Is the build quality likely to be the same as the Nokia phones? Is there a considerably better battery life with the HTCs?

I'm also free from the hellish clutches of Vodafone so now I need to decide who I'm going to leap into bed with for the next 24 months - Three or 4GEEOrangeWhatevertheHellTheyreCalled?

If anyone can offer me some advice with regards to these, I'd really appreciate it!

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