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Looking to move into the IT world... Anybody got any good advice?

Hi all,

Be gentle with me dudes/dudettes i was looking for some 'real-world' advice on changing my career...

I own and run an internet business - with some 'paid' help from contractors and i am looking to evolve the site in the short term. Our contract with paid helpers ends in May this year and have thoroughlly enjoyed tinkering with the IT side of things, tho i have no solid qualifications and certifications and have'nt been involved with the web-build (the hard element).

I would like to look into an IT pathway (software testing has been suggested?) if at all possible, without any qualif/certs and minimal knowledge, while i develop the site- is it possible to self-teach what is required or can anyone suggest a good book(s)/reading source or course i can attend. Does anyone want to get involved with my project?

Questions are:

1. Can i teach myself: PHP, Apache, MySql, CodeCMS, Linux, HTML - or are there courses?

2. What pathway would you recommend i take (employment wise)?

3. Would anyone really offer to get involved in 'evolving' a concept or project if i could'nt pay them?

Thanks people for listening.

I know it's a long shot, but you only have one life!

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