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Agencies out of control? Or is it the employers.....


Agencies out of control? Or is it the employers.....

Looking for a new job at the moment, and it's a bit of a pain with 2-300 applicants for every role in my field so I can sort of understand the agencies being selective about who they put forward. However I've noticed an alarming trend recently - agencies who say they are "required by their client" to get phone references before they will even submit a CV to their client.

Considering that each agency will submit at least 3-5 CVs for each role, and many roles are advertised by up to 4 agencies, that means 15-20 CVs submitted to the end client for a role. So there's up to 40 people being called for a reference on an ex-employee (2 references required for each) for a single job. No guarantee of even getting an interview let alone the actual job, so how many of these calls will the poor refereee get until the applicant gets a role?

I don't know about anyone else, but I don't want people I like & respect being pestered avery few days to spend 20 minutes on the phone when they've spent time writting a very nice recommendation on LinkedIn that the agency has already read before calling them.

One agency has recently crossed a line IMO when they worked out who an ex-boss was by reading between the lines, tracked her down, and called her without asking me first or even mentioning it to me - I found out by accident when she mentioned it in an email!

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