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How do you identify I/O hotspots and how do you address them?


In response to the OP, it depends on your SAN, your workload and your monitoring software. If you can give details of these then we may be able to help more. With a solution like Compellent, the answer is that you don't need to. With more traditional SAN the answer varies massively, some have in built reporting which tells you where problems exist, some have great monitoring showing disk level usage (Equallogic and NetApp are good examples of this, both showing all stats for all drives). Some you may need a command line to find the answers, but in these cases analysing the workload from each connected system is sometimes easier and more efficient.

Since you mentioned virtual, all of the hypervisors allow you to monitor at the VM, LUN, and host level for disk IO both in throughput (usually for bandwidth constraint) and IO (possibly disk constraint).

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