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No Choice but Windows 8?

Brett Weaver
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No Choice but Windows 8?

I just went on to the Dell site to price up a desktop to use as an additional development machine.

Because I use database servers on my machines I don't like other processes stealing cycles from the programs I want to run. Therefore the idea of compulsory "live" tiles fills me with dread. MS used to bleat that its file indexing did not use any resources. I do not know one professional software developer who did not find out how to, and turn it off.

Remember when they said Exchange and MSSQL would free up memory when it was needed by other processes rather than stealing every spare KB?

I get grumpy with WinZip,Adobe and all the others installing little virus' that "check for updates". I dont want "live tiles. I do not want them taking even 1 cycle.

But I cannot buy a new Dell box without windows 8!!

Its ok, I can buy second hand, or from hobbyist shops.

But bloody hell! Dell kept XP as an option for some time after Vista - I believe until Win 7. Well, I guess they know their market better than me. I am a small niche.

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