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Windows 8 Surface: best tablet, best laptop OR compromised and confusing?


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I've been using Window 8 on my laptop for about a week, and I really like it. Granted I banished the "Metro" menu in favor of Classic Shell, but the Metro isn't so bad, its just really not designed for a mouse. But on one of the Surface Pros with the real version of Windows 8 (none of that RT crap)? Its like, I get my real deal laptop (with the real keyboard case) when its the better tool (~80-90% of the time), and a functional tablet the rest of the time. Assuming its priced competitively against UltraBooks, sounds like a win.

It's pretty brilliant of M$ too. Apple is trying its hardest to turn the PC into a cell phone. M$ is trying to turn your computer into a cell phone. I've used my cell phone, i've used my computer; if I had to choose, i'm sticking with the computer.

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