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I have LUKS/AES encrypted 2TB external USB3 harddrive attached to my home WiFi router (Asus rtn-16). This involved setting up TomatoUSB firmware on it and building custom kernel with support for md, crypt, dm etc modules and cryptsetup binaries and libraries with all goddamn deps. I know OpenVPN well but I decided instead on oldskool pppd-over-ssh VPN (also a lot of custom configuration). I managed to pull it all off. With Surface this all is impossible, especially the part where I'm able to access all my files and home computers and torrent and jabber and ftp and whois and more via VPN, from anywhere, including from behind corporate firewall which only allows outbound connections to ports 80 and 443 and even them only via proxy with authentication (I use transparent proxying BTW).

And I can access another corporate network simultaneously with the first one mentined before, with DNS working fscking great for both nets and the Internet in forward (A) and reverse (PTR), with krb5/AD entries resolving just fine etc and so on. Try to do that on any MS product you sheeple (

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