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Windows 8 Surface: best tablet, best laptop OR compromised and confusing?


Why ....

... does the "dekstop" UI pop-up unneccesarily - an annoying distraction from an otherwise innovative OS

... do people not see that application of apps to Windows across multiple platforms is a big deal

... are people not talking more about Xbox music - have you used it - its great ! If handled properly Spotify is dead - perhaps Apple should buy Spotify to shore up their poor position in streaming music

... is the Lumia 920 only on EE in the UK - to make an impact Nokia/Microsoft need to make the new kit easy to get - not hard

... do IT companies not understand IT is now about the consumer - BYOD is forcing this into the enterprise too. Its the 21st century - I should not need to know how to install the latest drivers for windows 8 to make my laptop work again - but *sigh* - I did. The average consumer would still largely be stuffed attempting an upgrade. (my laptop is six months old and I really only run office and iTunes on it)

... are memories so short. iPhone and iPad were derided on launch day - but are now worshipped. Can Microsoft perform the same trick on Win 8 platforms?

... Are the media obsessed with Apple. It's shedding senior directors, producing no innovative mobile products this year, unusually shipping a piece of rubbish software (maps). It's printing money - but has it peaked?

... do I want a Surface, when I have an iPad 3, iPhone, iPod Touch etc etc. PC integration is an attractive proposition, Xbox music across devices looks to be great - it is on Xbox and PC. Shall I part from the herd and go Microsoft ?!

... did I buy my kid a Kindle Fire HD - cos its cheap and I do not care if she drops it! The difference in price can buy a load of apps/films/music - she's 10 and won't care.

... do I spend any time reading these forums

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