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Oracle RAC on NetApp FlexPods

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Oracle RAC on NetApp FlexPods

Here's a mail I received about this story:-"NetApp and Cisco waggle shrunken ExpressPod at Hitachi and friends"


[Re] your article about FlexPod. Although I find Oracle's support of RAC on VM to be a massive step forward I also see it as slightly underhand. They still do not support processor pinning in any other virtual environment other than their own so in my view the support of RAC is negated by still requiring to licence every core in your VM farm or buy a site licence. Where I work we have been forced down the OVM\OVS route for this very reason. We do however run a mixed environemnt and with the current state of OVM\OVS I would much rather stick with physical tin for Oracle and a VMware farm for the rest. Unfortunately due to our requirments to stand systems up rapidly, etc. we have had to go down the OVM\OVS route.

What are your thoughts?


Indeed, what are your thoughts? Physical or VMware virtual tin for Oracle?


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