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That sounds perfectly reasonable, but I have a couple of additional comments: firstly I went back to the article quickly as I wanted to see if my comment had been unhidden and if there were any further comments as a result. The thread has since been closed to new comments, presumably because of the age of the article, but as I recall there was more than one page of comments. There appears to be only one displayed at the moment and no links displayed to subsequent pages. Was the hiding of additional comments intended for some reason?

In addition presumably the majority of comments get blocked for one of a number of fairly well defined reasons: abusive language, racist language, anything that could be considered libellous and so forth. Perhaps it would be possible to get the moderators to click on a reason out of a list when rejecting the comment so that we have some idea why it was rejected? Apart from anything else in this case I would have been able to provide the proof had I been given the chance to provide it.

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