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Is the Store Once Catalyst/B6200 8-node cluster a single system?

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HP StoreOnce Replication Manager

Well according to HP quick specs the above allows management and monitoring of up to 400 D2D appliances, so using your logic, the marketing number based on managing multiple B6200 systems from a single console would be 40,000TB/Hr for HP vs EMC DD with 620TB/Hr.

But the point is these systems use totally different architectures, B6200 takes a scale out approach and offers high availability within a couplet, whereas EMC still seem to be stuck on a single controller, which I would think greatly simplifies the task of providing global dedupe. Yet both manage to provide very similar dedupe ratios and given the market, I would think have similar price points, so speed looks to be a good comaprison point.

Regardless of the underlying architecture, if it's ordered, managed and maintained as a single system then I don't see the problem. I suppose if it's that simple EMC could just strap a few DD boxes together. It's not like this system has just launched either, it appears to be the fact that this new catalyst API has allowed HP to leapfrog EMC's highest performing, and just launched DD box, by a very wide margin that seems to be the issue.

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