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Two irrelevancies: (1) a ground-based launcher will transmit moments and forces to the ground in a way that a balloon-suspended launcher would be incapable of doing; (2) a launch at altitude will require a huge margin of safety w.r.t a low-altitude launch because of the 5% air pressure at altitude.

I like the way that NOW — after trolling for days — you act all innocent and explain what you have been keeping to yourself. Classy move.

There are two reasons why a launch rod, which works fine for rockets, will not for LOHAN. (1) A rocket has all of its mass concentrated in a linear structure close to the rod; LOHAN will have wings that will greatly increase the stabilization forces from the wire. Thus, a slender wire will be inadequate even for a lightweight plane. (2) Even with slender rockets, above a certain mass and power threshold launch rods are useless; that is why high-power launchers use RAILS. Try watching some YouTube videos of launches with real engines (as in J power or up). (3) The proposed launch rod mounting was a cantilever onto an aluminum plate; this provides roughly as much directional control as a used Kleenex.

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