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Fusion offers a direct plug-in PCIe card solution.

Violin offers a direct plug-in PCIe solution. (Check their site, Each array can be direct attached to a single or multiple servers).

In Nate's example - You could have a DL580 with 4 10TB cards (not sure if you could add more due to power).


you can add 10 Violin Arrays to a DL580 G7. ( 10 5TB Arrays or 10 10TB Arrays or 10 20TB arrays or 10 16TB arrays or 10 32TB arrays)

And each Violin array is fully hot serviceable - I was at Collaborate a few years back when one of the Violin Guys demoed this to some people from TMS....

As for in-memory databases (rumors aside), Oracle has been performing all of it's work in-memory for years. Just ask Mike Ault, he will confirm that storage, flash or otherwise is for only for DB persistence..

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