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Running applications in the storage array

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Running applications in the storage array

Violin Memory is going to introduce a Violin Memory array that can run application software, like SAP's HANA database. In fact you can already get HANA to run on Violin via a special request to SAP apparently.

EMC is going to run apps on X86 servers inside its VMAX and Isilon arrays.

DataDirect Networks says it already runs applications, like filesystems, inside its arrays.

The idea, it seems, is to combine storage array capacity with servers in pine place and so get rid of network latency in delivering data to servers. Violin is going one step further and getting rid of disk I/O latency as well by using flash memory.

It says this is a massive, a secular, change in the storage industry, and something that no modern mainstream storage vendor has had to face before. It will be a huge challenge for them.

Is Violin right? Is SAN-size storage running at flash speed and with servers inside the array a secular change for the storage industry, or is it just another linear development?

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