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Music and relationships

Caleb Cox (Written by Reg staff)

Best to just find a girlfriend who likes the same kind of music I reckon. My previous woman was hugely into her 80's new romantic cringe, and while I first thought she's entitled to like whatever she wants, it soon became too much to bear. Talk about a stuck record. Literally, sometimes.

At least when you share the same music interests, no matter who chooses the choons, you'll both like them.

Then again, Spotify and P2P downloads seem to have ruined my music listening anyway. I used to gather huge collections of CDs in oversized wallets, but now if I want to listen to a song I just hit up Youtube and when it stops I generally sit in silence or get distracted elsewhere. Such a shame.

The digital age has its benefits, but has definitely caused me to stop listening to as much music, even with smaller portable devices. I miss my CD walkman. :(

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