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Re: Tim - "although i'll warrant it'd be hard-pressed to live up to Mr.Dawg's review"

Fair enough - I was being a bit of a fanboi there :)

Re: DrewC

In fairness, it might not be the easiest (Plex maybe?) MC around, and doesn't have a PVR built in (yet) like WMC, but it is the most extensible (people have integrated it with everything from Netflix to Game Emulators), most content-compatible (it plays pretty much everything you can throw at it out of the box), and cross-platform compatible (supported on Linux, Windows, OSX, and iOS - and has a free remote control app for Android) MC around.

With enough effort - nothing is free after all - you can get an experience that almost rivals the Kaleidescape systems - which used to sell for more than $30k. Not bad for free + hardware - and just to put it in context, I have it running on one single core Atom + Ion nettop that I bought for $180 - pushing 1080p.

Specific to the new release (Eden - v11.0) they've added real - not experimental - support for iOS (Apple TVs and iPads in particular), GPU hardware acceleration under Linux for AMD (this used to be limited to Nvidia), and MySQL for the configuration back-end (allowing you to stop a movie in one room and pick up where you left off in another)... among MANY other changes and improvements.

Looks like there will also be a version for the Raspberry Pi at some point in the future - they've already demonstrated it running 1080p video.

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