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Pending the arrival of a Cakes'n'Ale section all of its own - there's more to life than all this technology nonsense - we'll start here... with Steel Toe Stout from the Ska Brewing Company (

Rather nice, slightly sweet American dark beer, brewed to an English Milk Stout recipe, apparently. Not as smoky as US dark beers sometimes can be - though that's not a bad quality IMHO - with some pleasant coffee flavours. Bit of chocolate in there too.

Tasted at Byrons Hamburgers, Haymarket branch (, which I'd recommend for its grub alone, if not for the excellent - and just revised - craft beer menu.

Anyone know of a UK distributor of Ska's brews?

Trivia Fact #99: Ska is based in Durango, Colorado. I once spent a night there when a blizzard stopped me reaching Denver across the Rockies. Pleasant town, I recall. But effing cold that night.

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