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Sonos - wireless streaming recommendations?


Sonos - wireless streaming recommendations?

Is it just me that fell for Sonos? It all looked like a such a nice, easy and reliable gig. It's not so bad, given how rarely used it is. But I'm an audiophile by nature and just feel that I've gone down the wrong track with this one.

A proprietary network, no integration with iTunes, slow controller apps - I know audiophile and itunes don't naturally go together either but I use n iPhone so I'm locked into that nonsense too - it all feels so wrong.

Am I missing the point of Sonos? I'd like not to smirk at it, thinking 'your time is up sucker,' when I see it gleaming the corner of the room.

If I have, as I suspect, backed a wong'un, what would you suggest for wireless streaming - I mean from the NAS to the eardrum?

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