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Simon Davies 2

PI and Phorm - a statement

"Your work with NoDPI was awesome - so why do you need to get into bed with PI, which in my (and a lot of others') opinion has been discredited by its connections with Phorm and therefore its refusal to condemn same?"

Yeah, funny that isn't it. PI which allegedly "SO" supports Phorm ends up employing Phorm's most ardent and most influential critic and then gives him the resources and the freedom to do and say whatever he wants. Wow, that really must have impressed Phorm no end. Indeed judging by the almost maniacly angry phone call I received from Kent Ertugral (Phorm's CEO) when Alex's appointment was announced I'd say the company had a collective stroke when Alex moved to PI where he has international influence.

NoDPI was a great initiative, but Alex is now representing the issue to every country in the world and every inter-governmental forum. He's making a difference at the global level. If you could unpeel the cheeseburger wrappers from your eyes and climb out of your silo you'd realise that.

Now let me repeat something I've said publicly before:

"I condemtn Phorm, Audience Science and all their ilk as a blight on privacy. Any hope I once had of influencing them for the better was a gross misjudgment. These companies are interested in making money, and the only way they know how to make profit is by monetising the privacy of consumers. Governments need to step in to outlaw opt-out behavioural advertising".

Simon Davies

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