The cloud virtualization black hole

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"There was no possibility of public access to the system of any kind"

I was connected to Stanford's TymeShare in 1975 (acoustically coupled modem and boxes & boxes of green & white stripped fan-fold paper). I had access to email, Trek, Wumpus, Fortran, COBOL & Basic, and the SF-lovers email list from ARPANET (it took me about 4 months to discover I could SEND email, too ...). And ASCII art Snoopy, of course[1]. At home. I was 13 years old. Being raised in Palo Alto had its advantages ... not that I knew it then, of course.

[1] OK, I'll admit it, I did print out the ASCII art TITS04 file ... and lived in terror that the folks at Stanford would tell my mom ... I bicycled to Cubberly high school to throw it away the next day so Mom wouldn't find it in the household trash. Hey, I was only 13! :-)

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