NHS study produces ejector-seat ambulance design


@Markie Dussard

You should read the article. Go ahead, I'll wait.

Done? Great. I assume you remember the line "The Autocare Concept aims to get the pre-hospital clinician on-scene and ready to treat the patient as soon as possible."?

An ejector seat fails to meet this requirement in just about every way.

1) Time savings are non-existant. It does not take a significant amount of time to open the door and step out.

2) Ejector seats carry inherent risk. Beyond just the fall itself, paramedics often deploy to scenes car crashes or similiar where the likelyhood of sharp/burning/etc debris are likely to be nearby.

The proposed solution significantly decreases the likelyhood that the paramedic will NOT be on-scene and ready to treat the patient- Instead, they will be on scene and ready for treatment AS a patient, with no to marginal increase in on-site arrival.

Many of us have experiance with similiar projects, where the complexity and expense of a project far outweighs the marginal benefits. Those of us who are good at our jobs have learned to recognize such projects, those who are not get featured here because our new Web 2.0 SAAS Meta-cloud PDA Grocery List Application burns through millions of VC funding before it fails.

This project has all the hallmarks of someone designing something cool without ever consultanting the end-user- The paramedics.

- A different Mark (Not the RIAA obsessed one), Lead Application Developer and occasional First Responder

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