BlackBerry redoubles iPhone challenge

Norfolk Enchants Paris

@only me

Dear Only Me,

All emails to a blackberry go via RIM's servers in Canada. As these are black boxes and transfer data between devices, thereby forming a proprietary network.

Even if this were not so :

- they are still 'Look at me' devices to bolster egos or make up for inadequacies on other areas

- they are still over-hyped

- they are not as good as many other offerings

- RIM sounds like a gay pasttime. Can we all vote to call Blackberry users 'RIMmers' from now?

- They are Canadian

So please stop waving your little blackberry about, pull up your zipper, and move on quietly.

Love Heart because you may not have got enough hugs as a child. So here's one for you. NB That is not an invitation to RIM me, just so you know.

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