Barclays to scrap 1,800 UK tech jobs

Anonymous Coward

@Markie Dussard

"greedy contractors" - fuck off you total moron.

You clearly haven't a clue about the reality of working as a contractor in the Financial Services market.

Barclays are not alone in prematurely terminating their contractors - when this sort of shit kicks off in the city, most of the major clients follow each - its certainly just happened on the site where I work. At the moment its a case of work and pay the bills, or not. Handing them the "reigns of control" - eh? When did the big companies ever *not* have complete control over all who work for them?

As for principles and being gutless - I bet *you're* not going to walk out when you get told your bonus is cut this coming year eh (Which it will). No, thought not.

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