Huawei, ZTE probe showed no evidence of spying

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Seems to me then, that the likes of Huawei and ZTE are the sort of companies/organisations/global forces to share novel technologies and intellectual property with, for the US House Intelligence Committee has just comprehensively vetted them as being ethically sound and securely protected against intelligence services investigations/attacks.

Presumably is one now free to also assume, unless UKGBNI MODified information wishes it to be universally known that the US House Intelligence Committee be oxymoronic and unfit for future security vetting purpose, that the following help is not needed for Novel Enterprising UK companies/CIOs with proprietary private unpirated base assets/SMARTR HyperRadioProActive Intellectual Property to donate and share for trade and export/enlightenment and wealth creation ....... We assist UK Companies in verifying the security status of foreign companies and citizens, through liaison with National Security Authorities. .....

I suppose, for all the time that it takes, and it is done in next to no time with the drafting and sending of an appropriate email to an address clearly provided for the purpose, it is a simple enough question to ask of the MOD Defence Equipment & Support Principal Security Advisor (DE&S PSyA) System ...... just in case Blighty Eggheads/Bletchley Station X Type Boffinry has identified that Uncle Sam has some major intelligence problems in the Wild Wacky West which the Exotic Erotic East has recognised and circumvented so expertly.

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