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The Big Issue ....... in All of ITs Enigmatic Catch 22 Splendour

It can hardly be called defence of the territorial integrity of the US if our resources are spread all over the globe protecting/increasing markets and raw materials for corporations. In other words, using taxpayer's money to subsidize corporate warfare with the lowest IQ persons of the society....No wonder we are losing status in economics but are number one in brute force. .... Norman123 Posted Monday 8th October 2012 03:07 GMT

The situation is considerably more interesting and edutaining and explosive than that, Norman 123, for as the IQ of persons required for that which is needed by systems to survive and prosper and protect those who would be their drivers and beneficiaries, will the realisation of the deliberate abuse of undereducated and designedly misinformed assets, who would be you in a them and us scenario, where politics and money and market manipulators conspire and collude to ensure wealth is not distributed and used but instead collected and stored, cause the aforementioned abusive drivers and beneficiaries and collectors of global wealth to rightly fear for their continued rude health and physical well-being as defence forces which suffer deadly and catastrophic losses to supply baubles and beads to those who think nothing about using and abusing them, realise that they have the power and secret intelligence service personnel to replace the corrupt leaderships which would think to control and pay them with nothing more valuable than fiat currency/pretty printed paper to purchase whatever one wishes for nothing, but always dependent upon it being earned in abusive deadly service to keep the grand currency ponzi and crazy present media show going, and wealth and tax collectors, politicians and their financial backers, alive.

And anyone even half decently competent in the field proposed for engagement here ...... ..... but which is doomed to failure even before it is begun because of the severely restrictive and limiting incestuous stipulation which bars input and participation from foreign nationals, and therefore would be excluding, well let us be generous and say, the intellectual property of 99% of the population, would be persons of interest to waste valuable resources on to be watched, monitored and mentored by the status quo system which requires that they be smarter in order to protect and server them, the status quo power brokers, the abuse of the assets which are required to be smarter.

Clearly is that going to be a disaster for the corrupt brokers who will not survive without dumb undereducated protection which nowadays is no longer enough to guarantee status quo continuity and orderly succession to future generations, for IT requires an altogether different and much smarter breed of being in Command and Control of Fab Power and Advanced Intelligence ....... Novel NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive IT Services.

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