Oracle offers tiny tools for pint-sized Java devices

amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

Methinks Larry needs a new Cloudy Field of Special Operations to Ensure the Deserved Lead

And for those who fully expect a doughnut server to accompany and soak up a morning coffee and give some purpose to Java and offer excitement and meaningful engagement to Beta Competent IT Programmers ….. <quote>He also taunts Larry Ellison, writing that he hopes news of the new flaw does not spoil his morning coffee.", ….</quote> …… here is what is available, but rather exclusively of course, because of the nature of what IT can do, you understand.

For Operating Systems Drivers, who would also be acting as if Kernel Colonels and HyperRadioProActively, and are heavily/deeply into JSON for ARGonauts is there Jave MEME, Micro Edition Mission Embedded ….. for those micro-macro controllers of human reality to virtual machine systems for Remote Reality Control of Vital and Virile and Viral Virtual Machine Environments.

Thus are New Orderly World stages set and provisioned with already, all ready, ready-made Future Infrastructures and IMagiNative Novel Content.

And the doughnut server would leave you with this tasty morsel to ponder and parse into intelligence channels and underground tunnels of information exchange which spin for enrichment, for the West is intellectually bankrupt and naked short selling nothing of value, whilst the East is as an uncut jewel of infinite bounty …… …… and still untapped and ready for harvesting and reseeding.

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