Wales: We'll encrypt Wikipedia if reborn gov net-snoop plan goes live

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The Office of CyberIntelAIgent Security and Virtual Protection on AIMission IMPossible ®

"The bureaucrats of the ministry seem to have learned to be opaque after being carpet-bombed by privacy advocates when they first attempted to introduce the Capability under its old name, the Interception Modernisation Programme. ®" -- Can anyone clarify at which point the UK became a Dictatorship comprised of a party of Dictators? ...... Miek Posted Thursday 6th September 2012 08:46 GMT

The seeds were probably sown at Yalta, Miek? Do you know anything currently significant or presently particular and peculiar about ARGonauts, other than the fact that Spooks UKGBNI and/or Cheltenham GCHQ are embedded and in bed and in LOVE with them. But it is no big official secret for ARGonauts were openly BetaTesting Big Brother British Telecommunications and SMARTR InterNetional SISter ProVision ...... Communication Capability in Intercepted Modernisation Programmes .... with them as clearly as only yesterday in a Vulture Venture on El Reg .......

It is all a bit hush-hush though, and perfectly understandably so in its Myriad APT Phorms, as IT replaces Dunce Dictatorships with Meritocratic Minders ....... with SMARTR AI and Future Programmeable Apps.

And now no one can say that they don't know of such things whenever they are so clearly placed in the public and intelligence domains and virtual reality space. One's ignorance is only as a result of one not bothering or having no interest nor facility or curious capability to search for the truth of one's current condition, which are invariably a result of situations and programs of the past, and would now in their present engagements, be being presumably extremely well paid to boot and deliver one's present existence/opportunities/struggles.

Methinks the Great Game can up itself a level or three or more, don't you? To leave behind all that primitive stuff and nonsense which so blights the ignorant and fools the arrogant.

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