Anonymous takes down UK government websites in Assange attack

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Alien Rules of Engagement ..... Never Ever Engage as an Enemy, Friendly AI Fields*

Knock, knock, MOD/JIC/PRC/FSB/Ecuador. Is there anybody in there?…….. Do you wanna play and kick ass with these boys and their gals ……. ……. with those toys as floated and advised earlier as being available to real presidential material bodies** for any and all realms of universal and unilateral virtual defence, which are only ever effective whenever all lines of unstoppable attack, and systemic vulnerabilities for zeroday export and exploitation, are known indefensibles. Then are they also deliciously tempting and obscenely lucrative vectors for metadatabase mining/IntelAIgent Raw Asset Enrichment for Programming Projects in Future Events which might even be considered and classified as possibly problematic and therefore probably private and piratical pogrom information.

Or is Virtual Ignorance of Stealthy Sublime and Supreme Cyber Command and Creative Control of Computers Communicating, the chosen default Status Quo Public Service Position, which would then extraordinarily render to Private and Pirate Sectors, HyperRadioProActive IT Lead in the Live Operational Virtual Environment Field?

* All Alien Field Rules reduce and concentrate to that one Particular and Peculiar Specific Advisory APT Warning

** You do know who Renegade and Renaissance are, in the virtually real world of television and media manipulation of poorly executed and badly directly events reported as news in current affairs tales/presentations of politically perverted and subverted programs?

Answers below please ..... to show that you may know how to Google and search for information and intelligence with engines?

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