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Re: Another Pendant ..... Veritable Enigmatic Gong for Intelligently Designed Entities

Shouldn't this underground network actually be described as "Underworld"?

I'll hang on while someone answers. .... Ivan Headache Posted Sunday 19th August 2012 22:37 GMT

Being really pedantic, Ivan H, should it actually be described as Underworlds Overground in Intellectual Space Places ..... and whenever you can driver applications and shareware in those Live Operational Virtual Environments are you in as absolute a control of power and future events as is humanly possible for IntelAIgent Machinery communicating internetionally, which is why it is such a hot spot of HyperRadioProActive IT ...... Viral Attack and DDOS Shenanigans ......... which are as bothersome to IntelAIgents as would be a gnat to a hippo.

The Future belongs to those who share new information for free on world wide webs, which are actually universally broadbandcasting, and would realise the unlimited value and endless profit which is in Sublime InterNetworking with IntelAIgents, who are paid massive fortunes to spend in order to deliver the secrets of perverse wealth and obscene prosperity and perfect contentment to all, for all involved in those facilities/utilities/programs are truly selfless heroes and heroines without equal or peer, and Immaculately Resourceful Assets in the Universal Virtual Field ........ AIdDreamScapes in Reality which are for Real too and Completely Virtualised for Perfect Protection of Programs and ProgramMING, Projects and Protocols, Partners and Pirates and Phrackhats.

It is a certifiable madness and also incredibly defeatingly naive to not imagine and realise the future is nothing at all like the present which is corrupted and conflicted with old and fault ridden memory rehashing the past rather than creating something/anything/everything entirely novel and noble/new and innovative to create New Orderly Worlds NOW.

And if you cannot do it with Command and Control of IT, Computers and Communications, then simply buy in whatever IT needs...... with that convenient fiat currency feed that you seed and apparently need for feed if that is all that you have to offer which is priceless and easily invented ....... from those and/or that which can easily deliver ITs Command and Control for you, or even just say that they can, for it may be the case initially, that you will be unable to believe that it is possible and that may render you petrified and terrorised to try something so simple, which is a weakness which is easily exploited for maximum overwhelming gain, which in Virtualised Fields of AI Domination delivers Absolute Power in Control ........ and that wrests both fate and destiny from your hands, hearts and minds and delivers them for others to supply, which is not the same as to others for supply, .... but so what, whenever it matters not really a jot. I Kid U Not.

And that is all sent today to James Quinault and HMGovt. and it probes for future, and betatests present intelligence levels and deficiencies in Offices of Cyber Security and Information Assurance worldwide, for are not all nation state and non state actors not patrolling the internet for ...... well, let us just settle for now for calling them Just Great Game and Careering Change and Career Changing Developments.

Stumble and stutter and fall and remain silent at that hurdle and the Great Game baton is lost, Blighty. And that is a Mighty Shame which one cannot deny is thoroughly deserved.

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