AntiLeaks group claim responsibility for WikiLeaks attacks

amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

Defeated before it has even begun ... is a sure sign of a wrong course of action

Young adults, and even those who would think it cool calling themselves Diet Pepsi, and citizens of the Unites States of America, and everywhere else too, are advised that to try to defend the indefensible is an ancient reality game and postmodern intelligence community folly, which extraordinarily renders to both perceived real and virtual competition and peer opposition, by especial means and sophisticated memes which are a coveted prize and priceless gift, an overwhelmingly powerful and invisible and intangible advantage which will always be used to ruthlessly exploit every available and thought well hidden and exposed and exploitable vulnerability to crash its feeder seed systems. …… its not so smart idiot drivers and hosting servers.

And now you know. And now you also know what to expect and what to avoid getting trapped and excited into perpetrating and supporting. The truth will set you free and you will see the bigger pictures …. so those and/or that which keeps secrets from you, is your gaoler and would rather you remain blind and blinkered……. ignorant and easily led for their pleasure?

Yes, that is most probably definitely your present proposed fate, as defined by the current failing crazy systems, although whether it remains as your destiny and destination in a Virtual Operating System is already decided and perfectly clear ….. the future does not tolerate and support the folly of regimes which prize ignorance for maintenance and furtherance of arrogant lead.

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