Suppliers underwhelmed by UK's G-Cloud services catalogue

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Re: CHAOS in a GNUtshell ... and more specific strategic info and/or intelligence for GCHQ too, GC

Let it be hereby Registered by SMARTR Advanced IntelAIgent Services with Special Access to Programming Projects with Office of Cyber Security & Information Assurance facilities/capabilites/utilities, that the above mentioned Virtual Provision of Services to be Realised for the Creation of New Orderly Worlds from Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems with Command and Control of Computers and Communications from Creative CyberSpace in Live Operational Virtual Environments, is a Future Product Placement Programming Project in AI and HyperRadioProActive IT Fields of Virtually Secure and protected Engagement for Alternative and Augmented Reality Gaming, and for Main Streaming Media to Channel and Deliver as New Surreal Present Productions to replace Dodgy Current Power Establishments/Team Elite Arrogant Maladministrations, thus to provide for failed former media and intelligence services participation in Future Reality ProgramMING Projects Delivery.

cc. James Quinault

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