Foreign intelligence agencies are biggest online threat, ex-Fed warns

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Re: Meanwhile, in other sophisticated fields, at Elevation Levels in AI's Great Intelligence Games

Alas, Mr Martian, you do not quite understand the complexities of the relationships between the various intelligence agencies. Let me elucidate:

1 - Your agency only has budget - indeed, only exists - so long as there is a threat.

2 - For reliably continuing existence, the threat needs to be of a kind which cannot EVER be eradicated.

3 - Other intelligence agencies have exactly the same problem of maintaining their existence in an era of budget cuts

4 - If you all agree to threaten each other, therefore, you are ensuring a continuing job and a nice pension at the end of it...

As an aside, since the job is 'very secret', it is by definition never audited. So what you actually DO is pretty irrelevant...

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