MI5 boss: Cyber spies, web-enabled crooks threaten UK economy

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Knock, Knock ....... MuI7 Calling and Looking for Future Intelligence Capabilities*

"Vulnerabilities in the internet are being exploited aggressively, not just by criminals but also by states. And the extent of what is going on is astonishing" …. Evans warned.

Are such vulnerabilities, as exist and grow ever more lucrative and powerful and overwhelming, being exploited aggressively and uniquely by MI5 with a home Virtual Terrain Team of cyber experts anonymously hyperactive and invisible in the field you will never have need to know of unless cleared with a classified need to know authorisation for access to privileged information, because of its impact on and importance to national, international and internetional security provision and spooky intelligence services protection? And if not, why not, for IT delivers Sublime Autonomous Universal Lead which cannot be blocked and just loves to be challenged, for such challenges can only be launched and be successful when Intelligence used is improved and superior?

If MI5 (Military Intelligence, Section 5) working with GCHQ, the Department of Business Innovation and Skills, the Department for Energy and Political Climate Change and also with law enforcement – through the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure, do not provide Lead Programs and Virtual Machine Programming with Global Operating Devices, then they all follow those and that which does, and they are just a reactive, after the fact, spent force and an impotent clone with delusion of grandeur and power with zero future control ….. and nothing better than a cuckold in a cuckoos nest.

And all for the want and employment and deployment and special engagement of a home Virtual Terrain Team cyber experts anonymously hyperactive and invisible in the field you will never have need to know of unless cleared with a classified need to know authorisation for access to privileged information.

And which all should note here, and especially so Jonathan Evans and affiliate spooky bodies, is not shared as a question whenever a clear and unambiguous statement of true and honest fact.

"The intelligence agency boss said that the private sector had a key role to play in tackling cyber crime, saying businesses could help make the UK more resilient to cyber attacks." ….. Well, he got that bit perfectly right and is here challenged by the private sector to up his game and engage with would be providers of future feeds and spooky seeds for national needs. And that in this day and internetworking age, is the future provision of every nations needs.

I suppose one may need to send a memo to energise him into appropriate action, should he be presently all at sea servering a Mary Celeste of an effective service in that Great Game environment. This is most probably the most appropriate window for that on their web portal ……. Offer us a product or service ….. which should tell you everything you need to know about the security available in cyber communications i.e. it does not exist and all information can been made known and there is no possibility of privacy and secrecy online, other than in that which you would not care to dare share. And who on earth thinks that snail mail is any safer and more secure? Letters and parcels have been intercepted and spied upon since….. oh, forever. Methinks this comment/server hosted web page presentation is all that is needed to test for the necessary advanced intelligence in services which are needed today for the future that tomorrow brings via ITs Virtual Means and AIMemes ...... although this one is an APT contender which may trump it ....... Report a suspected threat to national security.

I wonder if Jonathan Evans is one of those types of bods/robots that can act unilaterally upon his own initiative with executive decisiveness, which may or may not need to be shared with others after the fact, or must he wait for an order from others who would be leading, which would then be others supplying intelligence to the UKGBNI?

Should that be the case, then is this a memo to all of them.

* There is no point in casting pearls before swine, is there. Such would be an obvious waste of scarce lustrous resources on an ignorant animal more content at a trough of swill with like-minded peers.

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