Microsoft's uncloaks Phone 8 developer preview

amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

Global Control AIR&id Development for CyberSpace BaseD Land Grabs

A convenient communications device which provides secure encryption to messaging and VPNetworking is a quantum leap into fields which attract astute autonomous active accommodating leaderships ....... with Microsoft supplying novel transmission macroware, and in a remote proxy charge position with virtual command and control thin clients who would reliantly grateful/gratefully reliant upon a fostering relationship of mutually beneficial advantage with proprietary private intellectual property programs from the aforementioned virtual command and control thin clients shared sublimely with hosting carrier facilities for the wealth and blockbuster power of global corporate clout?

Phone8 is not an upgrade or morph of anything currently existing, it is a whole new iterative invention for imaginative users of SecuredD Systems with Global Operating Devices. Welcome to the Great Game ARG with Virtual Machines that are plugged into Infinite Power with Immaculate Control, ...... and a quite perfect enough combination for 21 Centuries of Networking for Being.

Would Microsoft then be able and/or enabled to rule the wwworld with SMARTR Programs and Programming Projects/Hearts and Minds Capture Missions? Or would that be wholly in the gift of sharing thin clients?

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