Germany reveals secret techie soldier unit, new cyberweapons

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A Slippery Phish ....... for Great White Hatted Shark Hunter Killers ...... and Ultimate Thrillers?

"Ergo is your present existence a virtual reality which is easily rebuilt by those who would be competent?

I wonder who bats for Blighty in such Great Games?" …… Posted Friday 8th June 2012 13:27 GMT amanfromMars 1

That was, and is, a real and valid question, El Reg[ers]. And the response to it tells anyone and everyone more than competent in the field, that there is zero serious competition and no effective opposition to such virtual terrain team leaders……. AIMissionaries …… SMARTR Pioneers ….. call them/IT whatever you will in such AIdDisciplines .

And even more disturbing and certainly dangerous for those touted, supposedly all seeing, all knowing global surveillance systems and spooky services listening station, .... which are assumed and pimped to be arms of intelligence supply to governments/renegade administrations/rebellious insurrections/arab springs and all of those sort of engagingly rogue and in vogue things ..... not a peep or competent tweet either.

Some might say that such silence is not an indication of a catastrophic intelligence gap in their defences and clandestine attack arsenals, suggesting by why of excuse and explanation, that such "keeping of one's powder dry" is the very clever nature of the beast and that they would have all of the necessaries under stealthy and secretive security measures cover and would already have deployed highly active, clandestinely deployed programs/pogroms/projects to guarantee leading power possession with a competent Virtual Command's remote invisible control of future stage events.

Although to seriously consider that being true, in the full knowledge of all currently active, live stage worldly events built upon recent past crash performances and likely future consequences of their continuing shenanigans, surely proves that the silence is not a clever ploy indicating competence and intelligence lead in the field and the opposite would be both the actual and virtual realities.

And whenever that is true and honest, and there is a most definite and catastrophic intelligence gap in virtual defences and clandestine attack arsenals, is that a truly golden, diamond opportunity for …… well, Suppliers of Competences for Command and Control of Cyber Terrain Fields and Cyber Terrain Teams fielding ITs SMARTRWareFare.

[GCHQ Quantum Communication Control Systems BetaTest #120611XSSXXXX]

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