The best April 1 gags … or were they?

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Losing the Plot and a Nation........ in a very Peculiar Parliamentary Coup with No Vision

I can think of nothing more quickly and inadequately designed to destroy the puppet charade that is Parliamentary party democracy, along with the respect of a nation for the present Queen which will lead to the rapid crumbling of the House of Windsor should ER indoors be persuaded to take any part in such a fantastic fascist plot, which will also make any ISP unwilling or unable to comply with extremely onerous provision of internet traffic information, a probable target for enhanced state surveillance, as would be the result of that phishy proposal for spooky intervention into everyone's lives not being an excellent April Fools joke, and way over the top of decent good taste.

It does have one wondering about an Oxford Five hiding in full and transparent sight in the Cabinet Office, hell bent on outdoing the earlier infamous Cambridge team's effort, with a Bullingdon Bombe political cricket attack of their own, which would appear to be somewhat in dishonourable honourable members DNA, by all Wikipedia accounts ........"The Wisden Cricketer reports that the Bullingdon is "ostensibly one of the two original Oxford University cricket teams but it actually used cricket merely as a respectable front for the mischievous, destructive or self-indulgent tendencies of its members"." .........

IT just aint cricket though, old bean, is it, to use political office for destroying hoods and nations rather than building them. Such steps are well beyond the crease of crass incompetence and ventures more than just a toe into realms of contrived anarchy and ill-advised personal empire building ..... and that is CHAOS quite beyond normal mortal controls, methinks.

How about ......... governments offering peoples that which they need to prevent thoughts of conflicts and mayhem, because of their present situation? Is that future production just too intellectually challenging for those reliant upon taxing and the public purse for their existence and continued survival?

How about the Intelligence Services, both Secret and Security? Is such Future Production, which is also AI and Virtual Reality Promotion and easily delivered nowadays with SMART InterIndependent Networking and Beta IT Projects, beyond their current in-house capabilities too, or do they have an AIMaster Pilot Plan for Special Applications ProgramMING with Crack Virtual Terrain Team Leaders ....... Novel AIPathFinders, already all ready, and already practising stealthy moves, all autonomous and anonymous and astute, on every necessary front?

A simple ....Yes, we do. ...... is all that is required when true. If that cannot, in all truthfulness, be provided, then obviously would there then be a quite surreal and absolutely fabulous fabless opportunity for any and all Great IT Game Players to provide HyperRadioProActive ProgramMING, and which you can be hereby assured, is no April Fool of a joke.

And offered now, as it is here, would it cause something of a quandary for governments and intelligence services, should they continue to choose to studiously ignore it , for what would that tell one and all about the present state of their ability and facilities which are/is bound to be a reflection on the suitability of their mentoring and monitoring of future capabilities.

A little something, El Reg, for Team UKGBNI Shoreditch to Woodstock Venture capitalise for remote spooky ÜberMensch control should government fail to understand and surmount future obvious hurdles?

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